06 September 2009


...Another One Under The Bus....

And the Road to Hell gets another paving stone.

ETA: Here's a graphic supplied by a NRO Corner reader:

09 June 2009

The Dowd Conundrum

If you have not yet seen Bill Whittle's most recent Afterburner, "The Dowd Conundrum," you need to do so. Now. (I'll wait.)

Finished? Good.

What I find interesting is that "The Dowd Conundrum" has two actors playing roles: Maurice LaMarche as the voice of Captain Kirk and Derek Ringolg as President Obama.

One of these actors played a megalomaniac who, convinced of his superior intellect, concocted schemes to rule us all, not realizing that the basic flaws in his plans' premises ensure their utter failure.

The other is well-known as the voice of Brain in Pinky and The Brain.

16 May 2009

Is This Really Necessary?

One would think that the residents of the world's most populous nation would already have a fair idea about how sex works. One would think this, but the manager of Love Land, the first sex theme park in China, would disagree:

Maybe it was the giant revolving model of a woman's legs and lower torso, clad only in an unflattering crimson thong, or perhaps it was the oversized replica of a set of genitals. Either way, many residents in the south-west city of Chongqing are not happy about the development of China's first sex theme park, which has been described as "vulgar" and inappropriate.

The park manager, Lu Xiaoqing, who was inspired by South Korea's popular sex theme park in Jeju, says that Love Land, due to open in October, will improve sex education and help adults enjoy a harmonious sex life. Inside, visitors will be able to view naked human sculptures, giant replicas of genitals and an exhibition about the history of sex and sexual practices in other countries.

The park will also offer sex technique workshops and advise on anti-Aids measures and using condoms properly.

"Sex is a taboo subject in China but people really need to have more access to information about it," Lu told the state newspaper China Daily. [emphasis added]

I wonder if any of the $2.6 million in tax (and borrow) money the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism is slated to drop on the problem of drunken Chinese prostitutes is going to this theme park....

(HT to Prof Reynolds)

17 March 2009

Tax Day Tea Party Alternative

As an alternative to attending a Tax Day tea party (or in addition to attending one), I think that 15 April 2009 would be a fine day to donate blood. When you're done, you can take the "I gave blood today" sticker that many donation sites give you and stick it to a rock (or turnip; your choice)....

Hmmm. Is it too late to organize a local blood drive?

13 January 2009

I Guess I'll Just Have To Live With The One's Disappointment...

Barack is very disappointed with me!

I only scored 20 on the Obama Test

I guess the fact that I'm not bitter (life's too short, and too fun, to be bitter) kept me from scoring lower than 20.